Brown Bear

This picture was taken on a penninsula off Lynn Canal outside of Juneau by someone Mike works with.
I understand you don't want to mess with the Brown Bears. They are sure cute to look at, but they can be very hazardous to your health!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Amazing Beauty

We continue to be amazed by the beauty that surrounds us here. It is different everytime we walk outside. Today the birds seemed particularly interested in singing. Everytime I left the office to cross campus I was able to listen to bald-eagles & ravens in the trees. (By the way, if it was a competition, the Bald-Eagles would definitely win, they are so much more beautiful sounding than the Ravens in my opinion.)

Here is a picture of a Bald-Eagle in flight

This is a photo of a wild Columbine flower growing near a streamDogwood flowersWild Geraniums we saw near Perserverence Trail beside a creek we stopped to gold-pan in...And these are Forget-Me-Nots (Alaska's State Flower)

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