Brown Bear

This picture was taken on a penninsula off Lynn Canal outside of Juneau by someone Mike works with.
I understand you don't want to mess with the Brown Bears. They are sure cute to look at, but they can be very hazardous to your health!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A day with SUNSHINE in Juneau...

Today we had beautiful, beautiful sunshine and we just had to get out there and take advantage of the vitamin D!!!

Alyx and I hiked around the Trail of Time at the glacier and watched as some brave souls hiked out a bit onto the lake. To me it looks like there are some areas that are (maybe) not quite frozen enough, but they all seemed fine.
I am loving the new camera and how it captures the way the sunshine hits the peaks of ice. It almost looks to me like it is in motion!
We also drove around town a while and took pictures of Bald Eagles. There were trees with lots of eagles, but I had difficulty finding a place to shoot from that didn't include power lines in the shot. I finally got a great vantage point for this guy perched up over the Lemon Creek area. I love the way the sun hit his tail feathers.

We are planning to get out there again tomorrow. We didn't get everything done that we wanted to do, but hopefully there is some sunshine tomorrow too and we can venture out again.

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