Brown Bear

This picture was taken on a penninsula off Lynn Canal outside of Juneau by someone Mike works with.
I understand you don't want to mess with the Brown Bears. They are sure cute to look at, but they can be very hazardous to your health!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mom, Cliff, & Jordan in Juneau

We are so excited that Mom, Cliff & Jordan are here for a visit. We are going crazy showing them everything we can think of...maybe we should slow down to enjoy a little??? It is just so wonderful to have them here.
This is a photo of Mike, Cliff, Mom & Jordan watching the Salmon in Steep Creek
Cliff & Jordan at Mendenhall Glacier
Max became best friends with Jordan as soon as she walked in the door.

Cliff on a huge glacial rock above the visitor's center at the glacier

Mom on a bridge near a waterfall on a hike near the glacierWe are so excited to have this time to share Juneau with our family...
lots of stuff planned, so little time!

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