Brown Bear

This picture was taken on a penninsula off Lynn Canal outside of Juneau by someone Mike works with.
I understand you don't want to mess with the Brown Bears. They are sure cute to look at, but they can be very hazardous to your health!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Signs of Spring

Last Thursday Morning we got a little visitor.
A small bear came into the back yard, down the hill, and up to the back door of the garage. He slammed into the door a couple of times (and left a small dent) before he decided to move on.

This is our first sign of Spring, the little black bears are beginning to wake up! Yawn...Stretch...and go looking for some food...

Here are his tracks & a picture of the small dent he put in the door:
We heard the noise, but by the time we got down there, he was already gone through our driveway and over towards the neighbor's house.

1 Comments from Great People:

Marche said...

Oh my heavens...exciting but scary. You live a gorgeous place! The pictures are just beautiful!

Come visit us in Alaska!!!

Black Bear & Cubs 7/23/09