Brown Bear

This picture was taken on a penninsula off Lynn Canal outside of Juneau by someone Mike works with.
I understand you don't want to mess with the Brown Bears. They are sure cute to look at, but they can be very hazardous to your health!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's 7° outside today!!!

Ok, it is pretty cold today so we are staying inside, but yesterday when we had a warming trend (up to 15°) we went for a drive with Joanna.
Here are the pictures and videos from our day together...
Harbor Seals at Eagle Beach
And here is the video of the harbor seals swimming around and did you notice all the seagulls in the background???

We did go to the end of the road...

...on the way back, we stopped to get this picture of the wind blowing across the road. It really looks like dry ice, doesn't it? (Yeah, I know I really needed a script, or maybe I shouldn't have said anything, but it was really cool to watch)

Who is Joanna you are asking? Fun story:
As many of you know, I (Becca) am working at the University of Alaska - UAS now. A couple of weeks after I started there, I got to talking with the student employee in our office, Joanna. She asked where we moved from and I told her AZ. She asked why we came to Juneau and I told her that we came for Mike's job. She said, 'that's funny, because my grandma told me about her cousin moving to Juneau from AZ to work in the gold mine.' I asked her who her grandparents were and she said, Pat & Bob DeArman!!! I almost fell off my chair, Pat DeArman is Jack's first cousin and Bob performed our wedding ceremony. Of course we invited her over for lunch and we spent the day together yesterday.

Taken at Eagle Beach

We had SUN yesterday, so I was really squinty trying to pose for this picture.

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christina d said...

Wow, an even bigger reason to visit up there! I loved all the videos and pictures. I signed up for feeds, hopefully I'll remember to check them!

Come visit us in Alaska!!!

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